"L’arte non è un semplice strumento o prodotto, ma un accordo dell’anima con se stessa. L’immaginazione concettuale forma la concezione del mondo. Il rapporto organico tra forma e pensiero sono i depositi della memoria, come contenitore d’ogni possibile esperienza umana. Le mie opere sono interdipendenti, sono immagini sovrapponibili, tanta è la condensazione di realtà che cerco di racchiudervi. "

Evelien La Sud was born in 1950 in Holland , by Indonesian mother and Dutch father.

She grew up in the heart of Holland, nearby the city of Otterlo, by one of the entrances to the marvellous Kröller-Müller Museum.
She studied at the Epsom and Ewell School of Art in England
In 1968 she moved to Milan to attend the Fine Arts Academy, where she studied figurative sculpture with the master Francesco Messina. She held her first individual exhibitions at the Angolare gallery, in Bologna, Modena and in various other cities.

This was a period that brought with it a transformation of the sense of the world and the reality in which we live, and in which we make our experiences. One looked to the East, sought for new forms of expression, paying more attention to individuality and singularity, through anti-authoritarian gestures, one searched for styles that expressed a break.
The desire for change was expressed through demonstrations, discussions, political activities, the taking of stands, self-awareness, by facing new thoughts and feelings.

In the late Seventies Evelien found herself in the Tuscan countryside, to understand nature, both as a system of ideas and as a historical condition. In 1980 she found an abandoned ruin; Evelien perceived the spatial condition fixed in timeless instant. Looking at the landscape, she fine-tuned her eye to doubt, to a methodical uncertainty, oscillating without stable structure.

In 1989 she experimented with food, creating a kitchen garden "Horto", an experience that not only transcended intellectual thought but also sensorial perception, to reach the most secret of sanctuaries, the interior of the heart where there are no paths, places or destinations.

In the 90's she participated in a number of group shows in public venues.

in early years of this decade she resumed painting, as an authentic gesture, beginning with “The infiltration for your love”, blue paintings where the numerous layers of oil in various shades of blue allow a glimpse of blurred outlines, corporal visions, shoes and glasses that the artist lends charm on the canvas.

Evelien La Sud died of leukemia in 2006, in Siena.

Today the House, the Vegetable Garden, Evelien La Sud Archive, has an identity. It is a large sculpture in perennial movement and transformation, that just like an oak, continues to grow, making one perceive and almost see the lymph that runs, rising into the leaves and spreading into the sun, in the form of oxygen.